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Whatever you want to do - whether you're completely new to diving and would like to explore the world's tropical reefs or you're an experienced diver wanting to discover the silent world of rebreather diving or the majesty of underwater caves - IANTD can get you there. Our diver training programs offer a means of diving more safely and in more environments - whatever your level and interests...

Recreational Programs

The underwater world is full of adventures and beauties.

Cave, Mine & Wreck Diver

Explore new overhead environments.

Tek Lite & Technical Diving

Explore deeper depths!

Emergency Programs

Because emergencies don't choose time or place!

Rebreather Diving

Rebreathers offers 'no bubbles', technology and FUN!

Public Safety Diving

Be part of a PSD Team and help the community!

Specialized Programs

Open your diving options and specialize yourself.

Leader & Professional Programs

Help others to become Divers.


WRSTC - World Recreational SCUBA Training Council
IANTD is proudly a member of WRSTC - World Recreational SCUBA Training Council through the United States Council.

WRSTC - World Recreational SCUBA Training Council
RTC - Rebreather Training Council
IANTD is proudly a member of RTC - Rebreather Training Council.
Rebreather Training Council
RESA - Rebreather Education & Safety Association
IANTD is proudly a member of RESA - Rebreather Education & Safety Association.

Rebreather training Council
EUF/ISO Conformity
IANTD proudly has its EUF / ISO compliant training standards.

Click here to see the EUF/ISO certificate

EUF/ISo certificate

International Association of Nitrox Divers, IAND, was formed in 1985 in response to the needs of the diving public. Up until that time, mixed gas diving and the use of decompression gasses was limited, in a formal way, to military and commercial divers.