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Welcome to the IANTD Worldwide Instructor Locator

All individuals listed here are IANTD professionals which are RENEWED, in ACTIVE TEACHING STATUS, and in GOOD STANDING with IANTD for the current year. Any individual not listed here is either NOT an IANTD professional or is IN-ACTIVE. In case you feel there is a mistake on this list, please contact IANTD HQ at certs@iantd.com

In order to locate an instructor in a certain area, or an instructor for a particular certification course, enter the information in the keyword box below. You can search for an instructor by Name, IANTD Instructor Number, City, State, or Country.

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If you are interested in a Rebreather certification (CCR- Closed Circuit or SCR-Semi-Closed Circuit), select the type of rebreather in the box below based upon the type of rebreather.

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International Association of Nitrox Divers, IAND, was formed in 1985 in response to the needs of the diving public. Up until that time, mixed gas diving and the use of decompression gasses was limited, in a formal way, to military and commercial divers.